By exhibiting, companies that focus on femtech/femcare can:
- have meetings with visitors with business purposes.
- boost their recognition among general consumers.
The organiser contributes with this exhibition to spread femtech products and
to realise a society that would support women's health and empowerment.

Scenes from another exhibition organised by RX Japan

Femtech is a coined word that combines the words 'female' and 'technology',
Femtech refers to products and services that use technology to address women's health issues such as menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum, and pre-menopause and menopause, and is estimated to be a $5 trillion global market by 2025.

FemCare, on the other hand, refers to products and services that address women's health issues in a variety of ways without relying on specific technologies.

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Femtech Tokyo Support Project

Femtech Tokyo will donate a portion of the proceeds from the exhibition to the following support organisations and foundations.



Show Schedule for the Next 3 Years


Oct. 17 (Thur) - 19 (Sat)

Oct. 16 (Thur) - 18 (Sat)

Oct. 15 (Thur) - 17 (Sat)


RX Japan Ltd.

Japan's Largest Trade Show Organiser

RX Japan organises 96 exhibitions* a year at large exhibition halls such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe and Intex Osaka across a wide variety of 38 fields including jewellery, fashion, gift items, electronics, energy, IT, cosmetics and medical.

Please visit the RX Japan website for details of 96 exhibitions in 38 fields annually organised by RX Japan.

*Composed of 363 Sub-exhibitions

Mission of RX Japan

1. Contribute to exhibitors' sales growth by organizing exhibitions
2. Contribute to the revitalization and development of various industries by organizing exhibitions
3. Make Japan the business hub for the industry by organizing exhibitions
4. Deliver a huge economic impact on the host city by organizing exhibitions
5. Contribute to accelerating international trade and the development of the global economy by organizing exhibitions

* “Largest” in reference to the exhibitor number of trade shows with the same concept.
** The number of exhibitors (including co-exhibitors) is forecast released on June. 26, 2020. This number may differ from the actual number at the show.


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