About Us

Presenting Fem+

Fem+ marks the revolutionary merger between Femtech Tokyo and the Women’s Wellbeing Expo. This groundbreaking women's health expo is committed to enhancing every aspect of women’s wellbeing. Spanning various life stages, it sheds light on societal awareness regarding female healthcare needs and endeavors to address the challenges they encounter. 

The Idea Behind Fem+ Logo

This 2024, we merged Femtech Tokyo and the Women's Wellbeing Expo into one vibrant showcase, thus, the realization of Fem+ (FemPlus). The Show Team pave's women's way to wellness, providing a platform where women can have an [+α]  healthy and active lives both mentally and physically. 

We eagerly anticipate your involvement in this transformative journey. 

The Meaning of [+]

At the heart of our logo lies a fusion of two elements converging into a plus symbol, symbolizing our commitment to creating encounters that transcend the ordinary. In essence, [+α], signifies our aspiration for each interaction within the exhibition to yield something greater, something beyond expectation. 

Exhibition Areas:​

Femtech Tokyo features a variety of female technology products that address challenges across women's life stages.​

Women’s Wellbeing Expo brings together services and products aimed at achieving women's wellbeing.​

Our Mission

Let’s take a step forward together!

Embracing progress, this is the theme of Fem+ for this year. We are dedicated to spotlighting women's wellbeing alongside feminine technology, products, and services. Join us in championing female health care and triumphs on a broader societal scale.

Whether you're just learning about us or contemplating your next move, whether you're ready to leap forward or seeking deeper understanding, Fem+ is the perfect venue for you.

This year, as Fem+ (FemPlus), we're taking a step forward. Join us on this journey!

Femtech Tokyo

What is Femtech?

Femtech, a blend of the words "female" and "technology," refers to products and services leveraging technological advancements to address women's distinct health concerns. These range from "period care" and "fertility" to "pregnancy and postpartum" and "pre-menopause and menopause." Projections suggest it will grow into a 5 trillion-yen global market by 2025. 

About Femtech Tokyo

Femtech Tokyo draws a diverse audience, including corporate executives, retailers, manufacturers, clinics, salons, municipalities, and more. Showcasing a diverse array of female technology products designed to tackle challenges across women's life stages, this exhibition serves as a pivotal platform. It plays a significant role in advancing the vision of a society that champions women's health and empowerment.

Women’s Wellbeing Expo

What is Women’s Wellbeing Expo?

In 2024, we have updated "Women's Mental Health Care Expo" to "Women's Wellbeing Expo." This serves as a pivotal platform that unites an array of services and products dedicated to enriching women's wellbeing. It facilitates crucial negotiations among corporate entities, municipalities, medical institutions, retailers, manufacturers, and beyond, while also extending its reach to the general consumer base.

Through this specialized expo, organizers aspire to empower each individual to cultivate a life of fulfillment, tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Above all, this exhibition stands as a beacon of hope, striving towards the realization of a society where every woman can thrive mentally and physically, embracing a life of vitality and fulfillment. 

Message from Our Sponsor, Keidanren

We are pleased to announce Keidanren's support for Fem+, facilitated by the Japan Business Federation. Our aim is to promote a society where women's health and success are universally championed. While enhancing "women's participation in the workforce" remains a vital issue for Japan, numerous challenges persist. With Keidanren's backing, we are dedicated to disseminating information on advancing women's societal participation and addressing associated challenges.

For many professional women, health concerns throughout life stages are unavoidable. That is why improving health literacy in corporate management is essential. Keidanren also emphasizes women's empowerment through "women's × health," recognizing Femtech as a new market capable of addressing women-specific health issues through technology. In collaboration with Femtech Tokyo, we aim to bring these issues closer to home, fostering a path toward a more comfortable and authentic lifestyle. 


Miko Ooyama
General Manager, Social Communication Division 
Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)