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Fem+ is the fusion of Femtech Tokyo and the Women's Wellbeing Expo. This groundbreaking union serves as a center for women's health and wellness, offering comprehensive solutions in one event.​

For femtech/femcare companies seeking expansion or heightened brand visibility, Fem+ offers the perfect platform. Join us as an exhibitor from October 17–19, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Our dedicated show team will navigate you through available booth options, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Exhibition Areas:​

Femtech Tokyo features a variety of female technology products that address challenges across women's life stages.​

Women’s Wellbeing Expo brings together services and products aimed at achieving women's wellbeing.​

Exhibitor Profile​

Femtech Tokyo

Period Care​

  • Sanitary Products, Absorbent Panties​

  • Menstrual Cup​

  • Menstrual Management​

  • PMS Relief​

Pre-menopause and Menopause​

  • Menopausal Care Apps & Services​

  • Menopausal Care Products​


  • Pregnancy Support​

  • Infertility Treatment​

  • Fertility Test​

  • Egg Freezing Service​

Pregnancy and Postpartum​

  • Pregnancy Care​

  • Postpartum/Lactation Care​

  • Morning Sickness Relief​

  • Breast Pumps​

Women’s Health​

  • Delicate Zone Care​

  • Hormone Test​

  • Health Consultation Apps and Services​

  • Testing Services (Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, etc.)​

Women’s Wellbeing Expo


  • Mental Health Care Services​

  • Self Monitoring/Training​

  • Stress-check​

  • CBD/Aroma​


  • Nutritional and Dietary Supplements​

  • Fitness/Yoga​

  • Health Management App/System​

  • Sleeptech/ Sleep Improvement​


  • Women’s Career Support​
  • Baby-sitter/ House-keeping services​

Fem+ welcomes visitors from diverse backgrounds, catering to both businesses and the general public.

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Benefits of Exhibiting​

Efficient Lead Acquisition ​

With its focus on women’s health, Fem+ attracts a high concentration of potential customers ready to engage and invest. This environment streamlines lead generation, offering abundant opportunities for networking and business development. 

Seamless Product Showcase

Fem+ exhibitors can effortlessly convey their wide selection of products and solutions through creative booth designs and interactive experiences. This platform facilitates on-the-spot identification of consumer needs, empowering negotiations, and fostering strategic partnerships. 

Unveiling New Business Avenues

Fem+ gathers companies aimed at addressing women’s health, which makes the event a hub for discovering novel business opportunities.  

Engage in insightful discussions, leveraging market demands and direct feedback to refine products and advertising strategies. 

Business and Public Engagement

On the final day, Fem+ opens its doors to the general public, enabling companies to extend their reach beyond industry professionals. Engage with consumers directly, disseminate health awareness campaigns, distribute samples, and address concerns firsthand. 

Femtech Market Overview​

Our Commitment to the Community​

The global femtech market is poised for significant growth, projected to reach approximately USD 108.78 billion by 2032, with a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% from 2023 to 2032. This growth is driven by the rising adoption of advanced technology products and the surge in digital healthcare solutions, reshaping the femtech landscape.​

In the Asia-Pacific Region, femtech is gaining momentum, contributing 8% to the global market, showcasing its growing importance.​

Meanwhile, Japan's femtech market boasts annual sales revenues of $5 billion, catering to 65 million women. The concept gained traction in 2021 due to major companies entering the market, the enactment of the Act on the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, and heightened awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As Japanese companies enhance benefits to address female employees' unique health needs, the market is on the rise.​

Display your solutions dedicated to addressing women’s health needs​

Display your solutions dedicated to addressing women’s health needs​

Uncover lucrative business opportunities, captivate potential clientele, and solidify your brand's position as a leader in offering products and solutions that boost women's wellbeing. ​

Frequently Asked Questions​

Fem+ welcomes companies offering femtech and femcare products and services covering period care, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and women's health. Additionally, it invites companies providing services and products that enhance women’s well-being, such as mental health care services, nutritional supplements, sleep improvement technologies, and more. 

Exhibiting at Fem+ offers several benefits, including streamlined lead acquisition, a platform for showcasing products seamlessly, opportunities to discover new business prospects, and engagement with industry peers and the general public. Our dedicated exhibitor success team provides continuous support and guidance, assisting exhibitors in navigating logistics and onboarding smoothly. Upon registration, exhibitors' companies are prominently featured on the show's website, and they gain access to a user-friendly dashboard for easy management. 

Absolutely! Fem+ enthusiastically invites overseas companies to exhibit at our event. To ensure a smooth experience, our dedicated exhibitor success team offers VISA assistance and guidance on entering the Japanese market. 

The need for a VISA depends on your nationality. Please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" on this website. You can also contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission directly for more information. 

Discover more about showcasing your products and services by completing this form. Once done, our show team will then provide you with comprehensive details about the exhibiting process. ​

  • Is there a fee for exhibiting at Fem? ​

  • How can I join Fem+ as an exhibitor? ​

  • Is there a badge provided for exhibitors? ​

  • Is the admission badge valid throughout the exhibition period? ​

  • Can I join both exhibition areas (Femtech Tokyo and Women’s Mental Health Care Expo)? ​

  • What time will Fem+ start and end? Is there a call time for exhibitors? ​

  • What are the features of Fem+? ​

To become an exhibitor at Fem+, simply download the exhibitor application form from this link. Once downloaded, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to proceed with the application process. 

While there isn't a set deadline, booths tend to fill quickly. We recommend securing your exhibit space as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

Unfortunately, booths cannot be temporarily reserved. The application and booth location confirmation occur simultaneously.

We offer various options for booth decoration. Exhibitors can choose from our in-house selection and ordering of decoration companies, request show management to introduce decorating companies, or opt for rental decoration plans.

Yes, you can exhibit jointly with other companies for a fee. For more information, please refer to the brochure by requesting exhibiting information materials at this link.

Fem+ stands out as the largest* femtech event in Japan, offering unparalleled opportunities for exhibitors to connect with motivated visitors through business meetings. Additionally, on the final day, exhibitors can showcase their products and solutions to the general public, setting it apart from other femtech events.